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Nancy Henley

Nancy Henley

Professor Henley specializes in research on language and nonverbal communication; issues of gender, power, change, semantics; psychology of women and gender; attitudes toward women and gender issues; and violence against women.

Primary Interests:

  • Aggression, Conflict, Peace
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Communication, Language
  • Gender Psychology
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Nonverbal Behavior
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Women's Studies
  • Psychology of Language and Communication
  • Psychology of Language and Gender
  • Psychology of Nonverbal Behavior
  • Seminar on Language, Power and Oppression
  • Women's Studies Senior Seminar

Nancy Henley
Department of Psychology
Franz Hall, UCLA
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90095-1563
United States

  • Phone: (310) 206-6948

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